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House Pure® Scale and Sediment Filter

  •  Prevent Scale & Sediment Buildup
  •  Lead-Free Construction
  •  3/4” NPT Connections for Easy Installation
  •  Filters at up to 7 GPM
  •  Filter Change Indicator

Flow-aide® Descaling Kit and Sediment Filter

  •  Maintain Performance
  •  Restore Lost Performance
  •  Lead-Free Construction
  •  3/4” NPT Connections for Easy Use

Isloation Valve Kit

  •  Allow for Easy Maintenance
  •  Lead-Free Construction
  •  3/4” NPT Connections
  •  Includes Inlet & Outlet Isolating Valves & Pressure Relief Valve



Protect Your Efficient Investment

Tankless water heater accessories from Stiebel Eltron offer protection, ease of maintenance, and can even restore lost performance in certain cases.

Tempra Accessories Diagram

If a tankless water heater has lost performance due to hard water mineral deposits, our Flow-aide tankless descaling kit offers the answer. Featuring a biodegradable descaling solution and submersible pump for easy operation, the Flow-aide descaling kit may also be used as routine preventative maintenance or as part of a complete system with the House Pure® filter.

House Pure® filters offer preventative protection by trapping minerals found in hard water to reduce performance-robbing scale buildup. Siliphos® water treatment food-grade compounds form a thin protective layer to prevent water hardness from scaling on heating elements. For added protection the House Pure® filters sediment down to 5 microns.

Isolating valves make it easy to service a tankless electric water heater and clean the cold water inlet filter screen. Our kit puts all the components needed in an easy-to-install package.